Youth Educational Services

Welcome to YES!  

Winter will soon be upon us, and we all know what that means - SNOW DAYS!  If you're wondering if YES is closed or starting late on those wintry weather (or fall) days, just see if Moorhead Public Schools are starting late or closed due to weather.

It is our mission to provide individualized student-centered learning alternatives that foster the development of responsible, productive citizens.


YES is an independent-study based State of Minnesota approved alternative program. Curriculum is designed for students that are experiencing some sort of difficulty with their regular school program or have dropped out of school. YES is a high School diploma program, not a GED program. Students receive a high school diploma through Moorhead High School or through their school district of residence. OUR STUDENT POPULATION YES is a high school program offering classes for students in grades 9-12. YES serves two populations: dual and non-dual enrolled students. Non-dual enrolled students are students that attend YES only. Dual enrolled students are enrolled in a regular high school and YES. YES is a program of Lakes Country Service Cooperative, Fergus Falls, MN 56573